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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Psp tutorial: Good Night

The tutorial was originally written by PspGirl. Though the website still exists, this was not the original website with her tutorials. You can find the website here.

This tutorial here will be written in English.


I've made this tutorial in PSP X6, but can be made in other PSP versions as well. Don't forget to save your work from time to time. I assume you know how to work with the Mirror and Flip script in PSP X6.


Download the zip file here.

You will also need Animation Shop.

Place the tubes, masks, etcetera in the right folders.

VM Natural - Sparkle

Alright, let's get started!

1) Open a transparent canvas of 600 X 450 pixels.
2) Flood fill your image with the background colour.
3) Add a new raster layer.
4) Make a gradient with the foreground colour and flood fill the canvas with this gradient:

5) Open the mask in Psp and minimize it. Layers ---> New Mask Layer ---> From Image and search for the mask "gitter" and use the following settings:

Layers ---> Merge ---> Merge Group.

6) Add a new raster layer.
Use the Selection Tool and use the Rectangle selection type (Tolerance = 0). Make the following selection:

7)  Open the tube "fantasy-0159". Activate the Selection tool and select the following section:

8) Copy the selection.
Go back to your work and add a new raster layer.
Edit ---> Paste Into Selection.
Lower the opacity to 78% and change the blend mode to Luminance. Remove the selection.

9) Duplicate the moon layer and flip it and put the duplicated moon layer just below the other, so that the moon looks reflected. Set the opacity of this layer to 38% .

10) Open the tube "Still". Copy and paste it as new layer on your image.
Resize the image 6 times with 85%, bicubic, Resize All Layers not checked.
Move the woman layer to the left, just like the final image.

11) Duplicate the woman layer and flip it. Put the duplicated woman layer just below the other, so that the woman looks reflected. Set the opacity of this layer to 38% .

12) Layers ---> New Raster Layer and fill it with the background colour.
13) Selections ---> Select All.
Selections ---> Modify ---> Contract: 3 pixels. Press on Delete on your keyboard.
Selections ---> Select None.

14) Use the following Drop Shadow (colour = foreground colour):

15) Repeat the Drop Shadow but change the vertical and horizontal offset to -2.
16) Add your name/watermark to your work.

17) Make the same gradient of step 4 with your background colour by switching the colours with the Toggle tool so that the gradient becomes the background colour and the background colour becomes the foreground colour.
Activate the Text tool set and write "Good Night" with the following settings:

18) Move the text to a place where you like it and give it the same Drop Shadow of step 14, but now with the black colour.
19) Duplicate the text layer and flip the duplicated layer afterwards.
Layers ---> Arrange ---> Move Down.
Move the layer below the original text layer, so that it looks like a reflection. Lower the opacity to 38%.

20) Close all layers, except both text layers. Layers ---> Merge ---> Merge Visible.
21) Edit ---> Copy.
Open Animation Shop and paste it as new animation.
22) Return to Psp and open all layers again. Remove the text layer.
Layers ---> Merge ---> Merge Visible.

23) Layers ---> Duplicate. Do this 3 more times. You should have 4 layers now.
Activate the bottom layer (Merged).

24) Activate the Freehand Selection tool and make a selection like this:

25) Effects ---> Plugins ---> VM Natural ---> Sparkle and use the following settings:

26) Activate the second layer (Copy of Merged), repeat the Sparkle effect, but change the Random Seed to 152.
27) Activate the third layer (Copy (2) of Merged), repeat the Sparkle effect, but change the Random Seed to 162.
28) Activate the upper layer (Copy (3) of Merged), repeat the Sparkle effect, but change the Random Seed to 172. 
Remove the selection.

29) Save the file as Animation Shop file (*.psp).
30) Go to Animation Shop where you have pasted the text.
31) Effects ---> Insert Image Effect and look for the effect Underwater:

32) Now click on Customize and use the settings below:

Use the following Wave settings and press on OK when all the wave settings are entered:

1: X = 37 Y = 37
2: X = -28 Y = 67
3: X = -74 Y = -63
4: X = -47 Y = -81
5: X = 18 Y = -79
6: X = -10 Y = 83
7: X = -61 Y = -70
8: X = -61 Y = 24
9: X = 8 Y = 49
10: X = 71 Y = 70
11: X = 87 Y = 40
12: X = 56 Y = -12
13: X = -6 Y = -74
14: X = -51 Y = -67

Click on OK again.

33) Click on the first frame and remove it.
Go to Edit ---> Select All.
Edit ---> Copy.
Open your previously saved image (*.psp).

34) Edit ---> Select All.
Edit ---> Paste ---> Into Selected Frame and position the text animation like this:

35) Animation ---> Frame Properties: 25.
36) Safe the animation as GIF format.
37) Done!