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Dear people,

As you can see on my page, the tutorials are not shown, because I temporarily disabled them. I did this action, because I accidentally removed most images of the tutorials in Google Photos.
So unfortunately I have to put all images back and it's going to take a while to do that.

Thanks for all who are stopping by my page frequently. I hope I can make the tutorials operate as soon as possible.

God bless!

Ona K.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

So busy!

Hello all,

As you can see in the last months, I haven't posted anything new. I kinda have a busy job and I'm working on a project for a dog organisation, which are keeping me very busy. I really don't know when I will post tutorials again, because I suspect that September is going to be busy for me as well, but I am not sure. If that will be the case, I will post a message ;-)

I hope you all are enjoying the Summer!

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