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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Psp tutorial: Pearls

The original tutorial was written by Jeannette. Her website could be found here.

This tutorial will be written in English.


I've made the tutorial in Psp X3, but can be made in other Psp versions as well. Don't forget to save your work from time to time.


Eye Candy 3 (not necessary to install it, because Psp didn't have a Drop Shadow effect back then)

  • Foreground colour: #FAF7F1
  • Background colour: #F1DAD3
1. Open a new transparent image of 500x400 pixels.
Fill with the foreground colour.
Selections ---> Select All.

2. Open the woman tube.
Copy and paste the tube into the selection.
Adjust ---> Blur ---> Gaussian Blur: 20.

3. Effects ---> Plugins ---> Filter DSB Flux ---> Linear Tranmission: 3, 100, 100, horizontal.

4. Open a new image of size 500x400 and fill it with the foreground colour.
Copy the previous image and paste it as new layer on this image.
Reduce the opacity of this layer to 40%.
Layers ---> Merge ---> Merge Visible.

5. Selections ---> Select All.
Selections ---> Modify ---> Contract: 20px.
Repeat step 3, but set the first slidebar to 2.
Keep the selection intact.

6. Effects ---> 3D Effects ---> Inner Bevel and use the following settings:

7. Remove the selection.
Effects ---> Plugins ---> Simple ---> Diamonds.

8. Open the tube with the woman again and resize her to 400 pixels in height.
Copy and paste her on your image.
Apply the Eye Candy Drop Shadow or use Drop Shadow of your choice in Effects ---> 3D Effects ---> Drop Shadow (I used the settings 2  2  80  18,81  #202020).

9. Open the flower vase tube.
Resize it to 330px in height.
Copy and paste it on your image.
Apply a Drop Shadow of your choice.
Adjust ---> Sharpness ---> Sharpen.

10. Add a 5px black border, select this border and fill it with the background colour.
11. Effects ---> 3D Effects ---> Outer Bevel and use the following settings:

12. Remove the selection and save your image as JPG.
13. Done!

This tutorial was originally written on August 8, 2005.

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