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Friday, December 11, 2015

Psp tutorial: Merry Christmas In Style

This tutorial is entirely my own idea. The tubes are created by me, so please leave the layers intact. The tubes can always be used for personal stuff, you only have to ask permission first if you would like to use them in a tutorial.

This tutorial will be written in English.


I've made this tutorial in PSP X5, but can be made in other PSP versions as well. Don't forget to save your work from time to time. I assume you know how to work with the Mirror and Flip script in PSP X5.

Fancy Suit Man tube - here.
Christmas Deco tube - here.
Misted Green Deco Balls tube - here.
Christmas mask - here.

Download all other materials here.
Place the tubes, masks, etcetera in the right folders.

Toadies - What Are You?
Alien Skin Xenofex 2 - Constellation.
Graphics Plus - Cross Shadow.
  • Foreground colour: #124563
  • Background colour: black (#000000)
Alright, let's get started!

Step 1
Open a new image of 800 x 550 px.
Make a gradient with your foreground colour:

Floodfill the canvas with your gradient.

Step 2
Add a new raster layer. Fill this layer with the colour #f3f3f4.
Open the mask "Christmas-Nolver_11122015" in Psp and go back to your work.
Layers ---> New Mask Layer ---> From Image and search in Source Window for the mask "Christmas-Nolver_11122015".
Settings: choose Source Luminance; Invert Mask Data NOT checked.
Layers ---> Merge ---> Merge All.
Adjust ---> Sharpness ---> Sharpen More.
Adjust ---> Smart Photo Fix and use the following settings:

Step 3
Activate the Rectangle tool or press on G on your keyboard.
  • Foreground colour: #124563.
  • Background colour: #f3f3f4.
Use the following settings:

Activate the rulers (View ---> Rulers).
Now draw a small rectangle, it should be 20 pixels high, from beginning to end. See the example below:

Layers ---> Convert to raster layer.
Effects ---> Plugins ---> Toadies ---> What Are You? and use the following settings:

Effects ---> Distortion Effects ---> Wave:

Step 4
Image ---> Rotate Right.
Effects ---> Distortion Effects --->Wind:

Image ---> Rotate Left.
Adjust ---> Blur ---> Gaussian Blur: 11,00.
Layers ---> Duplicate.

Step 5
Effects ---> Plugins ---> Alien Skin Xenofex 2 ---> Constellation:

Layers ---> Merge ---> Merge Down.
Open the tube "Misted_Green_Deco_Balls-Nolver_21122014". Copy and paste it as new layer on your image.
Mirror the layer and place it in the top left corner. See the example below:

Change the blend mode of this layer into Luminance and the opacity to 60.

Step 6
Open the tube "FancySuit_Man-Nolver_05102014". Copy and paste it as new layer on your image.
Resize the image with 95% (bicubic, All Layers NOT checked).
Place the man a bit on the left side.
Layers ---> Duplicate.
Activate the original man layer. Adjust ---> Blur ---> Gaussian Blur: 15,00.
Activate the top layer (duplicated layer of the man). Go to Effects ---> 3D Effects ---> Drop Shadow:

Layers ---> Merge ---> Merge Down.

Step 7
Copy and paste the tube "ChristmasDeco-Nolver_28112013" as new layer on your image.
Resize the tube with 90%. Place the tube in the bottom right corner of your image.

Step 8
Copy and paste the tube "Text" as new layer on your image. Place the text at the top on the right side.
Effects ---> 3D Effects ---> Drop Shadow ---> Same settings as before.
Layers ---> Merge ---> Merge Visible.
Adjust ---> Sharpness ---> Sharpen.
Layers ---> Duplicate.
Effects ---> 3D Effects --->Cutout:

Adjust ---> Blur ---> Gaussian Blur: 25,00.

Step 9
Image ---> Add borders ---> 1px foreground colour.
Image ---> Add borders ---> 30px yellow.
Select the yellow border with your Magic Wand tool (Tolerance = 0; Feather = 0).
Selections ---> Invert.
Edit ---> Copy.
Selections ---> Invert.
Edit ---> Paste Into Selection.
Adjust ---> Hue and Saturation ---> Colorize: Hue = 144; Saturation = 177.
Adjust ---> Brightness and Contrast ---> Brightness/Contrast: Brightness = -11; Contrast = 0.
Effects ---> Plugins ---> Graphics Plus ---> Cross Shadow ---> default.

Step 10
Effects ---> 3D Effects ---> Inner Bevel:

Adjust ---> Hue and Saturation ---> Colorize: Hue = 144; Saturation = 177.
Selections ---> Select None.
Image ---> Add borders ---> 1px background colour (= black).
Add on a new layer your name or watermark. 
Save the image as JPG.

Step 11

I'd love to see your own creation from this tutorial. I'll post it here.

This tutorial was originally written on December 14, 2014.

Thanks for testing the tutorial guys!